Surrounded by the most prized vineyards of the Nahe, the idyllic wine village of Niederhausen is located immediately adjacent to the river and reservoir. Since 1575 it has been the home of the family and vineyards of the Winery Jakob Schneider, one of the most long-standing enterprises of the Nahe.

While we have always been devoted to wine, since 1901 we have focused entirely on the cultivation of high-quality wines from steep-site production. There are currently three generations working hand in hand at the vineyard.

All the "Schneiders" are jointly committed to ensuring that the high expectations placed on our wines are repeatedly met year after year and if possible even exceeded.

The cultivated vine area measures 18 hectares. Eighty-five percent of this is planted with Riesling grapes, the great passion of our family.
Don't simply drink wine – experience the fascination of our wines during a wine tasting session with friends and kindred spirits.



Jakob Schneider Senior cares for the vineyards intensively and with a love of detail. It is thanks to him that the vineyards are optimally and sustainably cultivated. With his very sure instinct and wealth of experience, he decides year after year which work is to be carried out and when.

Jakob Schneider Junior is responsible for the maturation of the wines in the cellar. Rather than following commonly used standards, he works on the basis of up-to-date findings and concentrates on the individual challenges of the vintage. He derives pleasure from extracting the special features of every single vineyard with the help of his fine-tuned sensitivity.

Monika Schneider fosters contact with customers. She is the initial point of contact when it comes to wine sales, accounts, dispatch and logistics.

Last but not least: Grandma Liesel is the soul of the winery. The sprightly senior manager has spent 40 years in the service of customers and also enjoys entertaining them with a wine poem from time to time. Her warm hospitality is known and appreciated well beyond the boundaries of the winegrowing region.

The youngest lady in the Schneider Family hails from the Palatinate region: A qualified wine expert, Laura Schneider is involved in many different areas of the enterprise.

Facts and Figures

The winery was founded in 1575 and is since this family owned.


Size  18 Hectare vineyards

Average yield  60 hectoliters per hectare

Production  120.000 till 150.000 Bottles per Year

Geology  52 different various rock formations, mainly of volcanic origin, but also slate and sedimentary sediments